Everyone here at Paddington is doing great. The dogs think it is a fabulous idea to have me working from home every day and I am taking the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with each one so they have been taking turns keeping me company and keeping me grounded during the day. With not a lot else to do we have been able to spend more time training, although the yard is looking pretty nice for March, too.

Kris and Anna are still getting ready for the Spring Hunt Test training we probably won’t be able to do and Salsa and Flame are practicing for the shows we won’t be able to go to, but they don’t know that and are perfectly happy working on their lessons. Java is such a great all-around girl I can’t even decide which way to go with her, but she is such a joy to work within obedience we have been focusing on that, and are starting to work on some rally signs. Monroe has been enjoying some relaxing “me” time after puppies and Dunkin’ has been relishing his retirement as the house dog and taking very seriously his duties as a mentor for Maisey (aka Rose), who just went to her new home, teaching her manners and respect for her elders, but also how to enjoy playing with a pine cone! 

We are assuming that things will eventually go back to normal so plans are still on for a litter with Dunkin’ and Monroe, most likely due the end of June or so. I can’t wait for black puppies and am really hoping to finally get my Dunkin’ daughter! Monroe has been producing just fabulous puppies but this will be her last and will retire after this litter so let’s hope it’s the best yet!

Stay safe!