Paddington Labrador Retriever’s Mission

Breeding healthy, beautiful versatile Labradors for over 30 years.

In the begining…

In 1968 my parents brought to our Kingston, Ontario Canada home a bouncy nine-month-old tri-color Rough Collie we named “Lad” (originally enough!). His owner had passed away so he needed a new home and we had always wanted a Collie. We quickly enrolled him in obedience training, and when he went to his first-class it turned out that his breeder was, coincidentally, also enrolled. She hadn’t seen him since he had left the kennel at eight weeks. She immediately asked my mother if we would be interested in having her show him for us in conformation. He went on to become multiple BIS, BISS Cdn Ch Sovereign Scotch Tip, CD, one of the all-time top-winning Collies in the history of the breed in Canada. It was a heck of a way to start in the “show game!” I was hooked—from the time I was ten I knew that someday I would breed and show my own dogs.

In 1980 I bought my first puppy, a Gordon Setter, who became Cdn Ch Banbraes Dhu Look CDX, the top obedience Gordon Setter in Canada for 1984 (well, also the ONLY obedience Gordon Setter in Canada for 1984—apparently most people knew better!)

In 1982 I got married. My husband’s family had a black Labrador and apparently had always had black Labradors. When it came time to get a dog for him, there was never any question what it would be, and Sorrow came to us from Sandy Briggs’ Wimberway Kennel. Much as I loved my Gordon Setter, I had never met such a beautiful, gentle and intelligent dog as that Labrador; in fact, I don’t think I have since, either. Sorrow changed everything, and I was determined to breed dogs as wonderful as he was.

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Wimberway's Blue Boy, CD

Sorrow our very first Labrador. He was a great smiler!

It took a lot of looking, but I finally found the breeding I wanted for my foundation stock. I bought Tami, a tiny white Labrador puppy from Peggy Donovan of Lindenhall Kennel in Napanee, Ontario. She was Cdn Ch Lindenhall’s Paddington Gold, Am/Cdn CD out of Cdn Ch Lindenhall’s Dusty Gold by Am/Cdn Ch. Lindenhall’s Gold Doubloon. This was an Aslan/Bucky linebreeding based on the famous Ebonylane Kennel in Quebec.

Cdn Ch Lindenhall’s Paddington Gold, Am/Cdn CD (Tami), and Sarah

Tami’s first breeding was to Cdn Ch Waterdog’s Raider of Ebonylane. It produced only two puppies, a black, Cdn Ch Paddington’s Phantom, and a yellow, Cdn/Am Ch Paddington’s Hidden Gold CD. Her next breeding, to Diane Pilbin’s C’Brook Raisin’ Arizona, produced Am/Cdn Ch Paddington’s Run for the Roses CD JH, owned by Sally Leary. The current Paddington dogs all come from one of these three bitches, and all go back to Tami.

Cdn Ch Paddington’s Phantom (Phantom), Cdn/Am Ch Paddington’s Hidden Gold CD (Folly), and Sarah

Over the years we have produced obedience dogs, agility dogs, tracking dogs, hunting dogs, therapy dogs, a graduated NEADs dog and show dogs, but mainly we have produced much loved pets. My favorite calls are the ones the start with, “I think you might have sold me the best dog in the world!” I hope we will continue to do so.