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 At Paddington Labrador Retrievers we make every possible effort to produce sound, beautiful and happy puppies, and are proud of the quality puppies we produce. I wish we could offer guarantees that all our puppies will be perfect—unfortunately in dog breeding (yes, as in life) there are no guarantees. We do, however, stand behind our breeding program and, therefore, offer the following warranties:
To be covered by our warranties:

(a) The dog must be AKC, UKC or CKC registered and bear the prefix “Paddington” to its registered name.
(b) The dog must be registered in the name of the original purchaser.
(c) The dog must not have whelped or sired a litter.


Puppies are sold on a two-week trial satisfaction period. During this time the pup should be examined by your veterinarian for a clean bill of health. If you are not completely satisfied with the pup during this trial period, you can receive a full refund of the purchase price, or if you prefer, a replacement puppy if available and at the discretion of Paddington Labrador Retrievers.


Puppies are warranted against crippling Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and other genetic abnormailites which make the dog unsuitable as a pet, up to 24 months of age.

1. If you suspect your dog has CHD or a similar crippling orthopedic problem, follow this procedure:

(a) Notify us by phone or letter

(b) Have X-rays taken of the affected area(s) and have your veterinarian submit them to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Ontario Veterinary College, or similar independent certifying body for evaluation.

(c) Send us a copy of the OFA/OVC (or similar) report.

(d) Send us a letter from your Veterinarian stating that the dog is not now, and has not to his/her knowledge been in the past, significantly overweight.

2. If a Board-Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist determines that your dog has Progressive Retinal Atrophy or similar blinding ophthalmic disease, and provided this determination is confirmed by electroretinography (ERG) (if appropriate), send a copy of the ERG and Ophthalmologist’s report to us and follow the instructions in Paragraph 4 below.

3. If your veterinarian determines that your dog has an inherited debilitating defect or abnormality, send us a letter, signed by your Veterinarian, indicating the nature of the defect or abnormality and stating that in the Veterinarian’s opinion this problem is genetically caused, and seriously and negatively affects the quality of the dog’s life or otherwise prevents the dog from being an acceptable pet or companion. Euthanasia, Paragraph 4(a) below, is the only option for a refund for dogs in this category.

4. To qualify for a refund of the purchase price, or a replacement puppy if preferred and available, and at the discretion of Paddington Labrador Retrievers, one of the following conditions must be met:

a. The dog must be humanely euthanized by your veterinarian and a letter from the Vet stating that this has been done must be sent to us, or

b. The dog’s registration certificate(s) must be returned to us, signed on the back returning ownership to us. If you have not already done so, the dog must be sterilized and a letter from your Veterinarian stating that this has been done must be sent to us. The dog itself need not be returned.


If, at any time during your dog’s life, you are unable or unwilling to continue caring for it, for any reason (even if it has whelped/sired a litter) we will gladly accept the dog back; however, after the first two weeks no refund will be forthcoming. If you wish to try to sell your dog, we will assist you in any way possible and ask that you take the responsibility of finding it a good home very seriously. Please call for advice and/or support of any kind at any time during your dog’s lifetime.


 Ann E. Burns/Date


I have read and understood the above warranty.

  Purchaser /Date



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